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Flying Circle

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Organic & natural dog toy, made with very durable 100% Hemp fabric, hemp rope and webbing. Filled with natural wool or kapok (vegan dog toy option).

This is a great toy that's pretty fun to throw around. All materials are soft, so it's relatively safe for indoor play. It's a durable play toy, but I still don't leave it with my heavy chewers outside of playtime. You are the boss of the good stuff. Put it away after play!

Works equally great as a tug toy. Structured Tug O' War battles can be a huge part of dog training. From simple draining of energy to improving dog's self-control.

It's a durable toy, but don't leave it unattended with your dog, they really like our toys.

🐾 100% PLASTIC-FREE products and packaging

- MEDIUM for Jack Russell Terrier sized and LARGER dogs
- SMALL for Jack Russell Terrier sized and SMALLER dogs

- 10/12mm Hemp rope
- 100% Hemp fabric
- Natural Wool

- Circle (rope loop) diameter - 19cm / 7.5''
- Fabric part - 13cm / 5''
- Circle (rope loop) diameter - 23cm / 9''
- Fabric part - 18cm / 7''

- No toxins, herbicides or other harmful chemicals
- Resistant to mold and mildew
- Anti-bacterial
- UV resistant
- 100% natural and renewable fiber
- Good for teeth

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