About Us

Driven by the things we love

We're a family business run by husband and wife team with help from our 3 and 5 year-old kids and, of course, our 3 dogs, the testing crew - Bobo, Roko and Pūce (Owl in Latvian). 

The love towards animals, nature, and crafts has been something we've had long before we met each other. That's the reason why natural pet products has been such an organic addition to our lives. We're super happy to craft pet products that are safe not just for animals, but for the environment as well.

All products in this store are made in our small home workshop. We continuously look for new ideas and develop new skills to make the ideas into reality. Hemp in all shapes, leather, sheep wool are the main materials we use.

Thank you for jumping on this page to learn about us. You're Pawsome!
Best wishes!

Greetings from Our Pack! 👋