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  • renewable hemp dog toys by Pawsome Pet Toys
  • robust hemp rope monkey fist dog toy
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100% organic & natural dog toy. Materials sourced and made in Europe.

The Monkeyfist dog toy is a versatile playtime and training tool with an adjustable handle to fit your playstyle. Will work awesome as a tug toy, fetch toy and chewing toy.

See how your dog interacts with the toy, correct any unwanted, destructive behaviors and reward for "Good Boy" reasons.
Training with toys makes it fun for the dog and allows you to bond with the dog.

My dogs are always excited to get one of these.

Banana and dog for scale.

- LARGE for Labrador Retriever sized and LARGER dogs
- MEDIUM for Jack Russell Terrier sized and LARGER dogs
- SMALL for Jack Russell Terrier sized and SMALLER dogs

- LARGE - 10mm Hemp Rope
- MEDIUM - 8mm Hemp Rope
- SMALL - 6mm Hemp Rope

- Ball diameter: L - (8cm/3.15''); M - (5.5cm/2.16''); S - (4cm/1.6'')
- Handle (adjustable), approx.: L - (32-55cm / 12.5-22''); M - (24-45cm / 10-17.5''); S - (22-38cm / 9-15'')
- Weight, approx.: L - (225g/0.5lbs); M - (90g/0.2lbs); S - (50g/0.11lbs)

- No toxins, herbicides or other harmful chemicals
- Resistant to mold and mildew
- Anti-bacterial
- UV resistant
- 100% natural and renewable fiber
- Good for teeth

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