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  • Hemp rope leather handle dog leash in winter
  • handmade leather dog leash handles with colorful hemp ropes
  • dark green hemp rope dog leash with leather handle
  • yellow hemp rope dog leash with leather handle
  • rope color options for hemp dog lead
  • twine accent colors for natural hemp dog leash
  • handmade leather handles for hemp dog leash
  • natural braided hemp rope dog leash with leather handle
  • Black hemp rope dog leash with leather handle
  • Plum purple braided hemp rope dog lead with leather handle
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Customizable Hemp & Leather Dog Leash

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Personalizable hemp and leather combination dog leash. Saddle tan leather handle with your choice of leash color and colorful hemp twine accents. Make your own - select dog leash color combination that best fits you and your furry friend.

Hand cut and processed genuine leather handle with cute laser engraved Pawsome Pet Toys logo.

๐Ÿพ Please choose :

1) Length - 1.2m / 4ft or 1.8mm / 6ft

2) Thickness - 8mm braided hemp rope cord - for puppies and smaller dogs or 12mm braided hemp rope cord - for medium to large sized dogs

3) Rope color - Choose from natural hemp or 12 hand dyed colors that fits you and your dog the best

4) Twine accents - fully of your choice, choose up to 3 twine colors to make a custom colorful leash. For example: 18 + 3 + 18 will be black + yellow + black. You can choose only one or two colors. I will add them starting from the bottom, from snap hook up to the handle.

I will add poop bag ring to the leash, let me know in message if you don't want it, because it can't be removed easily after that. Don't hesitate to contact me for any other custom variations for length or colors.

8mm/12mm hemp braided cord rope, Genuine Leather, Black Metal alloy/steel accessories, dyes

- No toxins, herbicides or other harmful chemicals.
- Enriches soil while growing.
- Resistant to mold and mildew.
- Hypoallergenic.
- Anti-bacterial.
- UV resistant.
- 100% natural, bio-degradable and renewable fiber.
- Soft and Comfortable to touch.

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